Our Team/Partner

Professional Coaching


Our founder, Mr. Desmond Lo, possesses solid experience and qualifications in conducting sports and fitness programs. He is a certified Running Coach (AASFP), Stretching Therapist (IPTFA), Sports & Fitness Assessment Leader (HKPFA) and certified in conducting Sports & Fitness programs (HKPFA). In additions, we have a team of professional coaches, who are expertise in various aspects. With our coaches’ expertise knowledge and practical experience, we have been delivering various programs in Hong Kong and China.

Our professional coaches also include:

  • Registered Sports & Fitness Coaches
  • China Registered Nutritionist
  • China Chiropractic Health Master
  • Soft Tissue Tenderness Chiropractor
  • Physiotherapist
  • Competition Development Consultant
  • Sports Paramedical Director

10411763_836210259779572_5888686821701771642_nWhy Solar Running?

Joining marathons is trendy nowadays in Hong Kong, there are more people enjoying long run.  However, not many people know how to run safely or how to enhance their running performance with an accurate method.

We establish Solar Running, to provide sustainable exercises and practices to train up the running performance. Most importantly, to train up our Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance and to enhance our fitness. These are beneficial to our immune system and Cardiovascular Function. Also, to facilitate our metabolism, vitality, and make us have a positive mental status.