About FTA

Introduction of Hong Kong Therapy Association (FTA)

What do we pursue in our lives nowadays? Besides eagerly building our career, we are also looking for healthy, balanced lives, and a holistic development among our body and mind.  With years of experience in sports and fitness, FTA aims at promoting the balanced lives between our work and health.  We strike on providing professional sports and fitness training, to allow our clients to enjoy the fun at our trainings, and be able to achieve the wellness in our body and mind.  With the trainings, our clients can develop the sustainable concepts in practicing sports without harm.

In addition, we are now living in a high-stressed society, pressure at work can cause many negative impacts to our health.   FTA actively promotes healthy career lives. We have series of professional trainings which empower working people to have an energetic and quality working lives.  Besides achieving healthy physical status, corporates can also expect to achieve positive energy, cohesiveness and high team spirit. This could facilitate any corporates in raising their productivity and possessing positive impacts with challenges.

In this high-technology era, we would not only implement our trainings with practical experience, but also with scientific & technical knowledge, in order to facilitate larger effectiveness.

Based on the World Health Organization, being healthy is not only without diseases. Being healthy means an individual should possess healthy status physically and mentally, and a functional social well-being.  If an individual has all these aspects, it could lead to positive beliefs and active thinking. This is not only helpful to his own well-being, but also be beneficial to a corporate. This essence would create positive team-spirit, which can be constructive to the productivity of corporates.

FTA has discretely designed 5 elementary courses, from the basic personal care to more advanced skills in fitness & training, to implement our philosophy – “healthy career lives”. All of our trainings are conducted in an interactive way. Besides gaining the skills and knowledge, participants would also be able to build up the cohesiveness and communication among their team, it could lead to a win-win situation to both the corporates and employees.